Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Gunpla Academy Ez-SR Build-off updates!

i am proud to present the current WIPs of our Gunpla Facebook group Gunpla Academy. Our Ez-SR Build-off is closing in a month and the builders are having a blast in designing and customizing this already awesome kit
Currently, we have 4 modellers that have submitted  WIPs but we are still welcoming others to join. The builders who have uploaded their WIPs include Joshua Matias (group admin) archiver impostor, xtian Guiao,  and myself..will post more pics in the future. Really excited with this! Below are photos of current builds. Enjoy!

Joshua Matias:

Archiebear impostor:

Xtian Guiao:

Tonicci Paulino

Again, enjoy the hobby!!!


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