Tuesday, October 4, 2011

NG 1/100 Justice Gundam leg extension..

 Hey guys..this is a long overdue project for a client who asked me to extend the leg of his NG 1/100 Justice Gundam..so i extended it by around 1.5cm with a 3mm rod between the two sections..the hard part was to come next..the filling and filing..
So here's what I have done..first I cut the leg in a region where it could be easily joined again..after cutting with a hobby saw..i was able to separate the leg..i placed a pla plate at each end so that they would serve as base plates to join both ends using a very thick pla rod..the pla rod cannot be seen anymore because I sandwiched it with putty..this would serve as the skeleton and overall supporrt..I used tamiya guick drying putty for this extension because i prefer the putty not sticking to my fingers..i applied it in the morning so i would be able to file it as soon as i get back from school..the curing time is around 45mins..but would vary depending on the thickness of the applied putty..

 You could observe from the picture above how smooth the hardened putty is after sanding..i do not use sand paper for these types of jobs initially since i won't be able to shape it that fast or it would waste too much of my sand paper and time..so..i found emery boards..the ones used by the "manicurists" in ace hardware..its grit is roughly 360 and it costs Php 27.00 for 7 pcs..not bad..after around 10 mins..this is what I got..compare it to the "unsanded" leg at the bottom of this page..

Take note that once the putty starts to cure..it has the tendency to expand some more..so it would be necessary to file or sand the excess so that the piece you altered would look uniform..
I would be finishing this leg with a 600 then a 1000 grit sand paper for a clean smooth finish..I hope my client would appreciate the way it was extended and I hope you also learn from this mini tutorial..

Thanks for reading!

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