Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MG 1/100 RX-78-2 ver.ka Real Type colors

Hey guys..a lot of people told me to improve my pictures so that details of the mech can be seen..so with the help of my brod Ace Alfabeto..here is the fruits of our work..i really hope you like it and check out my watermark!hehehe..level-up!!! Enjoy the pictures!!!

I really appreciate the photography because most of the small designs i put in can be seen..
 minor weathering was applied..also because this is the model used for simulations..it's said that while Amuro was using his RX-78-2, the Real Type RX-78-2 was being used for training and upgrading by the EFSF..
 I like the Katoki version shield better..
 Wear and tear weathering should be more intense at the skirt and leg area..

 Really love the Gundam's design..simple and elegant..
 Here's a view of the legs..
backpack, thrusters and others..
 back view..
 emphasis on shield..
 feet and piston detail
 shield full view..
thanks for visiting!!! til next post!

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