Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review HG RB-79 Ball Twin Set

So, here it is, my first kit review..and it is..the RB-79 Ball Twin Set! This is an in between builds kit, i gotta kick back and build a simple kit after the mods i was doing to my "Maelstrom" project, so this is it. You may think it's kinda weird that I'd get a ball, well, I like it coz of its simple design and its really cute! I initially got this kit because I am planning to make a "Char's Zaku ball and Zaku ball" dio. You guys better stay tuned to that after my current project (maybe I'd start it while painting the Tallgeese)

Once you finish the kit you'd get two cute balls with their own sets of weapons (a long rifle and a double cannon) and bases. Not bad for a very simple kit! The arms rotate and has 3 points of articulation (base, elbow and wrist) the base rotates (on a ball joint) elbow moves in one axis only (hinge joint) and also the wrist (hinge joint)

It basically comes in 3 colors only: gray, silver and orange, but with green clear parts for the cockpit and detailing. I was kinda happy that we could see the pilot's chair in the cockpit, however, no pilot included (too small I guess)

There are 4 boosters at the bottom (I wasn't able to take a picture of it) and I forgot to mention that the guns can move. For the rifle, it can move up and down (hinge joint) and can swivel on top of the ball. Same goes with the double barreled cannon with each cannon independently posable

At the back, we can see two orange thrusters that cannot move, but it still looks good, there are details inside the thruster which can be good for later detailing. The kit doesn't have any stickers (which is good for me because I rarely use them anyway unless they are waterslide or for the eyes).
That's it for now! Thanks for viewing!

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