Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My escape from the real world..

So, this is my little workshop. Well, its for from a workshop but it works for me :) It's a makeshift "modeling table" from a computer table. It houses my airbrush, files, cutters, sanding materials and all my tools.
Pretty neat right? hehe.. I blast myself with music while fixing my models and when I'm not able to fix anymore..I just fall to the side, yep, that's my bed, behind my table is a balcony where I dry my painted kits.
I realized that the beauty of the hobby is not really in the quality of works you produce (well, it would be great if you can make great works of art) but in the friends you make because of it. We must admit that we have a "modeling" world. Here we meet artists, "mini" carpenters, engineers, vendors, bystanders, and most of all, dreamers.
We all come from different walks of life, but are bound together because of the stories behind our hobby. We all have different reasons, and we will have more.
Cheers to the Gunpla community in the Philippines! And to all who enjoy the hobby, let's enjoy hobby for the years to come!

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