Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Char's Zaku Ball" WIP 1: Shoulder and Horn

Hey guys! Like what I said in my kit review section, I would be making a Char's Zaku II inspired ball, so here it is, my "in between builds" kit!

It's kinda cute thinking that it would look like a Zaku in the end, such a big turn of events don't you think? One of those forgotten grunts would have a good revamping.

Here is the shoulder area

And here is the tiny horn!

Currently, I have 2 projects simultaneously making and an HG 1/144 Blitz that is a commissioned paint kit. Technically, this is a relaxed cute build to ease the stress..heheheh..here are the other pics

Good luck to me in building this kit and I'll keep you guys posted

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