Friday, May 6, 2011

Gunpla biz and its perks!

Today, I had another set of transactions because if you check the wares page of my blog, I sell decals, kits and things I can get my hands on as an adjunct to fuel my hobby. As I do my usual meet ups with old and new clients. I realized how long its been since I've started my hobby, from me feeling that I'm the only one with this hobby, to seeing competitions, blogs and people who once were like me (not knowing such community exists). So I usually talk a lot with my clients and ask what they like, what series they collect, how they build, and some stuff.

While meeting up with 2 of my first group of clients (who are now really close friends of mine Migs and VanChoi) I had the pleasure of meeting another modeler or rather a business minded modeler named Patrick, he also sells Gunpla in and goes by the trader name PatrickR (great seller, I highly recommend him) We came up with the crazy idea of expanding our small businesses to sell kits and accessories at less than mall prices or at least comparably cheap so that more people can enjoy the hobby. Kits aren't cheap, so are their accessories. I am trying to find a way to get hobbymate accessories from Hobby Art Gallery in Singapore so that we can customize our kits easier with their line of tools and accessories. I really got fired up today. I hope we could push through with this, it would take modelling to a different level. So, good luck to us!

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