Thursday, May 5, 2011

Maelstrom WIP part 1: Chest, torso and arms

So here's what I have so far:

As I said earlier, I used the frame of an MG God Gundam.. I figured that the joint above the shoulder could be useful for attaching the shoulder armor of the Tallgeese..At the same time, the screws on the joints makes the kit have the ability to withstand my mistakes in modding if well as heavy weapons..

The torso was trimmed so that I could still use the original torso of the Tallgeese..

I also cut off the snap on pegs so that I could put the chest on the inner frame, at the same time, because I trimmed the sides of the shoulder armor that is connected to the chest so that the modded kit will have the range of motion of the inner frame.

Here you could see the big trim I made to the armor so that range of motion will be maximized for posing and articulation.

I kinda liked the stunted feel of the modification because I feel that the proportion of the 1/100 is a bit too stretched and it made the kit look flimsy. I want to give it a heavy feel, but, augmented with more thrusters and accessories.. 

I also wanted to preserve this shoulder so I adapted it to go around the shoulder joint of the innerframe

This is what it looks like for now..but I still envision it to have a more "knight-like" appearance which could be comparable to sinanju..I hope..

That's it for now folks..thanks for dropping by!

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