Tuesday, May 3, 2011

For the love of gunpla..

It has been 13 years since I've been introduced to Gundam, the first one being the Wing Gundam which was the first series aired in the Philippines. I learned of the model kits because of my classmate who was playing with a fighter plane with a head popping out of it (the V Gundam core fighter) this intrigued me and later he showed me the whole kit when it was assembled. I got hooked on it the first time I saw it.
That same day, I told my parents to buy me a Gundam. So we went to Toy Kingdom because of my persistence and lo and behold, it was still kinda pricey. So my parents told me to study harder and if I got a first honor (I studied in De La Salle Zobel during my elementary and high school) I'd get a toy. Two months later, I got a first honor so I jumped for joy and showed it to my parents, they wouldnt be able to worm their way out, I'd get my first Gundam! So, I got my favorite from the Wing series, Heavy Arms! Who wouldn't like heavy arms? For me he is the most realistic one and could exist in the real world. No beam weapons, armed with gatling guns, vulcans, missiles and an oversized jungle knife! So I made it rather poorly due to my immaturity in model kit building. But, I loved it nonetheless, I still have it with me (what's left of it). I made a deal with my parents every time I get a high grade, my parents would get me a Gundam. They still laugh at the memory of that, but hey, I got good grades because of that, I guess that's what got me to med school, hehehe.

Through the years, I upgraded from using nail cutters and kitchen scissors, to side cutters and cutters, now, modeling knives, sand paper and drills. I grew up with the hobby, from no grades to high grades, master grades and perfect grades. I remember I skipped classes in med school just to get my hands on the Real Grade RX 78-2 (now my favorite, I have a collection of them). The joy of the hobby!

Now, I venture in business, selling, modelling, detailing of what else? GUNDAM! Thirteen years it has been...and I'm still that little boy googly eyed looking at the toy stores for something to me meant everything. That's my story.

Enjoy the hobby guys!

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