Sunday, May 8, 2011

WIP 3: Thrusters, knees, shoulders, arms and others

Here it is!finished test fitting all major accessories and parts in my "Maelstrom" unit. As befitting for another whole revolution around the sun (yes, it is my birthday today) I was able to fit all the major parts, thus I can start pla-plating tonight (if I can squeeze some time) or tomorrow.

 So here you can see the side of the unit, from the right side, I still kept the mega ray and added a lance like weapon which was built from parts of the strike IWSP. Arm guards came from the God Gundam with the addition of the chest (?) vulcans so it won't look too God Gundam like. I adapted the Tallgeese knee armor, those cylindrical like things at the sides of the legs and also the foot guards.

For the thrusters, I really did not like the shoulder mounter thrusters, that's why I mounted it on the back with a neat adaptor so that it is fully posable and can move out of the way in case I move the shoulders and arms. I added a mini fin and some sort of collar, however, they aren't so obvious here.

I placed shoulder guards on both shoulders so they would look asymmetrical, one for offense and another for defense, also, like the armors used by lancers before, where they have a face guard on the left shoulder, I decided to add one too.

Here's another view of the shoulder mods

Here you could appreciate the arm guards with the vulcans, it also doubles up to support the weight of the weapon.

Pla plating here I come!

Thanks for viewing! Til next time!

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