Sunday, May 1, 2011

"Crash of the Titans" diorama

Here's a project that I've been working on for the past weeks. I call it the "Crash of the Titans" because it comprises of an MG Rx-178 mk II Titans and an MG Alex. I customized the Alex so that it would look like a Full Armored RX-78-2, I kinda wanted it to have the same feel, a heavy firepowered "tank-ish" look that's a cross between the FA RX-78-2 and the Red Warrior (Char's RX-78-2 that was shown in plamo kyoshiro).

So here's what I have for now.

I want the diorama to be a somewhat "jungle crash" so I initially placed 1/100 scale trees in a basic styro+paper mache base. Here we see a heavily damaged titans mk II Gundam with unfinished detailing.

This is the bigger picture of the diorama, please don't mind the background, my room is messy, I know.

The arm guard/cannon was from an old MG Gelgoog cannon kit, so is the left arm cannon and parts of the backpack cannon.

A semi-top view of the dio.

I'm not so sure of how I will be coloring the dio just yet, I'm still open to suggestions. hehehe

Haven't also painted the hands of the kit. Holes and battle damage were made using a soldering iron and incense sticks. Then dry brushed with silver and black enamels.

If you notice the  Chobham armor has some sort of mesh, this is a tamiya detailing mesh from the mini 4wd cars before, another hobby that I entered as a kid. I figured that if I placed this, it would give the kit an overall "tank" feel.

As I mentioned earlier, the left arm guard came from an old MG Gelgoog cannon and the cannon itself on the arm is from a 1/100 Leopard Gundam

Lots more armor meshing and detailing. Decals were MG Alex waterslide decals (FYI, I also sell decals along with some kits and tools hehehe). Some minor damage and weathering so that the mk II put up a decent fight. 

The not so finished mk II, I think it still lacks some more detail. A bit of enamel washing and grass/mud marks on the crash area may do the trick.

A shot from the back of the kit, if you noticed the missiles on some parts of the mk II, I wanted it to have looked like it came from the movable missile pods on the left shoulder, these were from 2 Gundam Leopards also (my sister made them when we were young and it broke as soon as she made it stand, good thing I kept the spare parts)

That's it for now folks! Thanks for reading and I am open to comments and suggestions.

P.S. I'll have to improve on my picture taking skills too. Hehe. Some photos had some lighting problems.

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