Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kit Review : HG 1/144 Stark Jegan

It's been so long since I've reviewed a after my long hiatus..I'll start with something simple..however..i don't have a good camera and please bear with me :)
So here it is guys..the HG 1/144 Stark Jegan from the Gundam Unicorn series!
Some info on the suit:

The RGM-89S Stark Jegan is a prototype mobile suit built as a mid-range fire support unit. The overall performance is greatly increased over the standard RGM 89 Jegan.The Stark Jegan's legs are fitted with additional armor, and new armaments are incorporated across the body, including a pair of machine guns and two sets of missile launchers. The large missile launcher is capable of mounting a nuclear warhead. The Stark Jegan can also carry a bazooka or beam rifle. The Stark Jegan is slower with the additional armor and armaments, but if necessary, they can be ejected.

(taken from mahq)

I haven't built any HGs for a long time and I am very surprised on how the stark jegan was engineered as a kit..the parts were very well thought off leaving little room for seamline only comment is on the visible nub marks left after removal from the sprue..however..this is very little concern..i am very happy with this kit..

The kit comes with a few parts of the RGM-89 Jegan..specifically the head parts and antennae..however, we cannot complete it because only one visor (clear part) is supplied..

Below are some images:

originally this is how the suit looked like when it was conceptualized in  Char's Counterattack MSV, the gundam unicorn anime and the graphic novel version:

now for the kit!

The joints of the Stark Jegan are tightly constructed..will work really well for posing and weapon holding..also..if you fancy to paint the joints in another will be easy because they are double ended..meaning..we can separate the arm into 3 parts..the upper arm, joint and lower arm..makes masking relatively decreased..
The weapons included with the kit are: (1) Bazooka, (2) missile launchers, (1) beam saber handle (cannot be placed anywhere in the body, no slot) with (2) transparent beams (one longer than the other) and (1) beam rifle

Once the armor is may find a Jegan, is not the standard one because of differences in the head, middle portion of the chest and minor changes in the skirt..
All parts can be attached securely and pose no threat to its posability..the weapons have slots so that they can be securely placed in the suit's hands..

this is a comparison of the Jegan with one sided armor

It is possible to separate the front skirts..though they are initially connected..the builder may opt to cut it in between..arms can bend completely..arms can completely rotate if the missile launchers were removed..front kicks are possible..also..apart from the waist twisting..the portion where the legs connect to the waist can also more articulation and poseability..

notice that both missile launchers have no laterality..meaning that both can be interchanged when placing them..they have two holes beneath them so that they can be placed on either shoulder..
the backpack/boosters can be lifted and moved up and down..

This is a really good kit and I recommend getting it..i also admire how the MS fought in the first episode of gundam unicorn..i guess this was the reason for me buying this model :)

have fun with building! and see you next review!

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