Sunday, November 11, 2012

Softbank RX-78-2 Gundam Limited

 Hey there..presenting the 1/100 Softbank limited RX-78-2 Gundam..this baby is a beauty..I've always been fond of the G30th design..more than the ver. this kit is a dream come true for me..

Also, another plus point is that this kit has a metal frame..what more could I ask for?

For the packaging..this box is bigger than an MG box and is almost comparable to a PG box..great artwork and overall presentation..

For the inside..this is what you see..upper left corner shows the metal parts, while the right side contains the manual and the runner..the lower left contains the phone,accessories and the decals for the my case..this did not include the phone and charger, only the cradle and the decals..

Manual is pretty straight up..and quite easy to understand..

this the A frame, following this is the other frames..just imagine a 1/144 G30th gundam enlarged to a 1/100 scale..also decals greatly resemble that of an RG

The inner frame is sturdier than it looks and this reminds me of my GFFMCs..very sturdy and pose-able

this is the finished kit in comparison with my GFFMC rx-78 CA limited and GFFMC RX-78-02 "the origins"

Compared to the hg 1/144 expo limited rx-78-2 which claims to have the same design..

this compares the GFFMC to the Softbank model of the same size..

Final shooting! hope you enjoyed and til next time!
 Enjoy the hobby!!!


  1. Hi there! I just received this kit for Christmas. I was wondering how it compares to the MG RX-78-2 Ver 2.0 kit. I was planning to get that one before I received this, so I'm curious if I should keep the 2.0 kit on my wishlist or not. Thanks!

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