This page shows the tools/accessories I use for making my kits. I may also indicate where I get them and details about it. I may be even selling it :) or may sell it in the future! For now, majority of these can be ordered at Hobby Art Gallery in Singapore and some places in the Philippines

For art knives:

Hobbymate Ceramic Knife
- I got this baby in Hobby Art Gallery in Singapore, it was highly recommended by Kenny Lim (aka Toymaker) and Edmond Teo (from HAG)
- The ceramic knife is ideal in removing sprue marks, sharpening edges and removing seam lines
- Also, it does not rust nor does it need resharpening
- However, it is not as versatile as the metal bladed art knives and is a bit big to handle for intricate detailing

Dafa C-6005
- I got this at a local bookstore and I'm open to sell this in the near future, that's how much I love this knife
- The blade is just the right size and is very available around Manila
- Grip is nice and rubberized
- Blade release is at the base of the pen unlike the others that have the adjustment near the blade (personal preference)
- I just really love this! (I used to buy cheapo art knives, the Php 88.00 set, a lot of blades but gets destroyed easily, holder and blade alike)


Mr. Cement Deluxe
- I have been using this for years, great bond and the time it takes is just right in case you make a boo-boo
- I'm also planning to sell this

Side Cutter

Hobbymate Sidecutter:
- I have been using the Tamiya side cutter since 2001 and this baby is way better!
- Imagine how surprised I am when cut the sprue in HAG because Sir Edmond wanted me to try it.
- Really great clean cut!
- Might sell this too in the future

Mark / decal setter
Mr. Mark setter
- Simply great for setting waterslide decals
- Haven't been tearing decals because of this

Pin Vise

Tamiya Pin Vise
- Has multiple holders inside the shaft making it have the ability to hold different tamiya pin vise drills
- Have been using this to take out big panels of my kit (check the "Crash of the Titans" diorama)

Hobbymate Professional Airbrush (dual action)
- One Word= AMAZING!
- Got this in Hobby Art Gallery too!

- The usual 600 and 1000 grit sand papers