Monday, January 11, 2016

Gunpla Academy's Ez-SR Build-off!

Hey there Gunpla fans! My Gunpla Facebook community, Gunpla Academy, is having an HGBF gundam Ez-SR Build-off to helpful learn more skills in modelling since a lot of us just started or want to learn modding

We currently have around 6 participants and this event was just made for fun and learning..if anyone is guys could look us up in Facebook Gunpla Academy group..we are quite a small community for now with the same fee free to look us up or even join us..we won't bite :)

For my entry..I'm building a close combat type with a motorbike..I call it the 'Phantom Blade''s far from done with mostly snap fitting for now to have a feel of what it will look like (hopefully) later on..
I want it to look as Ez-SR it could be with a touch of build fighter mods..I don't want it over powering..more of a light armor type with a big bike and a enough about it..I think photos will tell you what I mean better..please leave a comment if you'd like to help me improve my design..

As always..thanks for dropping by..and enjoy the hobby!

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