Friday, September 30, 2011

1/48 Gundam the Origin bust

Hey again!so I finished snap building my 1/48 rx-78-2 bust..

GFF 1/100 RX-78-02 Gundam the ORIGIN

I finally got it!After months and months of it is!First of all, I would like to thank my brod in UPCM..brod Richmond Chang..without him..i couldn't have acquired this baby!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Another update on the "Crash of the Titans"

Hey there hommes! I just want to show you guys the repositioning of the Gundams in my dio..I think this gives a more dramatic fight..and at the same time..the titans still get owned..will have to extend the base a bit because it doesn't quite fit the two suits in a standing position..I've also been studying how to do dioramas, thanks to DC23 and the MAC forums..I really learned a lot..this is just a small update..and if you noticed..I added extra knee armor with pla plate and koto parts from Amir!thanks guys!Anyway..back to med school!

What a day!

Hey bros! I just can’t contain my happiness for the day! First of, my Hermit Crab “Lovechild” is molting..and the BIG catch is that I got 2 MGs of my favourite Gundam! MG RX-78-2 ver. 2 Bandai Pro Shop clear version (UNBUILT) and also the MG RX-78-2 ver. 2 Smoke Mechanical Clear Version (built masterfully)!!! Great buy from Christian a.k.a “Executor 323”.. I got the smoke version built..I was thinking of joint looseness and all..but it was just perfect!even with great decals!I told Christian I’d take care of the kits I bought from him cause i saw that he really loved them and that he also had an RX-78 collection..MORE THAN I HAVE!!!but, he’s slowly letting them go and I’m there to get them..hehehe..he even threw in gundam decals for the ver. OYW..what a haul!!!

My pet..

 You guessed it..I have a pet named "lovechild" it was given to me by my girlfriend for our monthsary 2 months ago because I oftentimes eat alone in my unit after coming home from school..and as I went home today..I noticed my hermit crab wasn't moving..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crash of the Titans update..

So..I’ve decided that the MG Blue Frame is a really great kit..however..given my current aptitude and lack of time (as I am currently a med student) I made a big decision to indefinitely stop my custom Blue Frame and move back to my “Crash of the Titans” 

What a haul!!!

Today I had quite a number of Gundam goodies!many thanks to Amir and GTO!anyway.. just wanted to share! :)