Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What a day!

Hey bros! I just can’t contain my happiness for the day! First of, my Hermit Crab “Lovechild” is molting..and the BIG catch is that I got 2 MGs of my favourite Gundam! MG RX-78-2 ver. 2 Bandai Pro Shop clear version (UNBUILT) and also the MG RX-78-2 ver. 2 Smoke Mechanical Clear Version (built masterfully)!!! Great buy from Christian a.k.a “Executor 323”.. I got the smoke version built..I was thinking of joint looseness and all..but it was just perfect!even with great decals!I told Christian I’d take care of the kits I bought from him cause i saw that he really loved them and that he also had an RX-78 collection..MORE THAN I HAVE!!!but, he’s slowly letting them go and I’m there to get them..hehehe..he even threw in gundam decals for the ver. OYW..what a haul!!!

So..without further ado, here's the treats I got:

Bad lighting..hehehe..can't seem to get good light in my unit..anyway..here's the smoke version with ver.ka stickers that christian placed..

MG RX-78-2 ver. OYW he threw in when I bought the 2 MG kits (great guy!)

And last, but, definitely not the least! MG RX-78-2 Gundam Mechanical Clear Ver. Bandai Proshop Special!
WHEW!!!what a day!I love GUNPLA!!!


  1. Enjoy the kits bro!... it was really hard to let go of those 2, will slowly re-build my collection starting again with the regular RX78 ver 2.0s...

  2. don't worry bro..your kits are safe with me..sayang lang i wasnt able to get one of your PGs..check out my Red Warrior bro..one of my fave RX-78 variations