Friday, September 30, 2011

GFF 1/100 RX-78-02 Gundam the ORIGIN

I finally got it!After months and months of it is!First of all, I would like to thank my brod in UPCM..brod Richmond Chang..without him..i couldn't have acquired this baby!

Some of you may know that I really love the RX-78-02..well..Amuro too..but not as much as the I've been collecting as much of the Gundam as i can..and as i saw this GFF in youtube..i said i really needed to get this..and i did!this was worth all the money and wait..crisp details, great joints, numerous parts, great articulation, the works!the first group of these came out with a graphic novel!lucky me..and the best part..ITS LIMITED!!! just like the MG 1/100 Rx-78-02's (mechanical smoke and clear bandai proshop) that I got from executor323..

I simply love this much many weapons..designed by katoki..simply AMAZING!!!I could go on and on..I'll be reviewing this kit soon..for now..i'm gonna make the 1/48 rx-78-02 Gundam the Origin bust from the Gundam ACE magazine..for now..enjoy the pics!!!

Unboxing the Kit

This kit is as solid as could be..made mostly of metal..balance issues are solved!

The core pod is so looks like a fly..and it is transformable!

This is the Gundam as Katoki designed it..this came out of the box..

I then modified it as the instruction booklet said..except for the V-fin which was manga can have 3 versions of rx-78 the shoulder cannon!

 the beam rifle looks like a mix of rx-79 guncannon and rx-78s beam rifle..the shield looks inverted..however this is how Gundam used it in the manga..

double bazooka for the win!

GO RX-78!

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