Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My pet..

 You guessed it..I have a pet named "lovechild" it was given to me by my girlfriend for our monthsary 2 months ago because I oftentimes eat alone in my unit after coming home from school..and as I went home today..I noticed my hermit crab wasn't moving..

I picked up the shell of my crab and the body fell of the shell!Oh my GOD! Lovechild died..I thought my friend died..but I took care of it so much and it was relatively small and young..then I really didn't know how to tell my girlfriend that the Hermit Crab she gave me died..then when I was going to put it in a plastic bag to bury my pet..I noticed something white inside the shell..I tried to shake it but it won't budge..I looked at it closely..then lo and behold..my crab is molting! I was so relieved and was really happy because when I got him..he had some legs chipped and a broken claw..now he is gonna get well again! Yipee!

It's just like Exia changing into 00 (or maybe not) still..today is a great day!byebye old worn out body! Hello to a stronger crab in a few days! Below is a photo of the old shell of Lovechild:

Here is a picture of the new and improved version that hasn't come out yet!the white thing in the shell is his new claw!yey!Can't wait..just sharing!eheheh

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