Saturday, September 3, 2011

Crash of the Titans update..

So..I’ve decided that the MG Blue Frame is a really great kit..however..given my current aptitude and lack of time (as I am currently a med student) I made a big decision to indefinitely stop my custom Blue Frame and move back to my “Crash of the Titans” 

I kinda like the boxiness of the MG Alex..and as i reiterate..I love the RX-78 series..Alex being one of them..also..since the Chobham armor is so plain and defensive..i chose to give this an offensive full armor / ground type mobile suit.. also, contrary to what people suggest that use the mk II titans as the “protagonist” due to its more modern and “posable” features..i think i’d just use this as a challenge to make this Alex more “modern” and “posable”’s far from done..and I’ve just sanded off the paint i did before because i think the whole diorama is dark and i still have a lot of modifications i could do since i’ve done this a long time ago and i have more tools and parts to customize this kit are some pictures:

wish me luck and comments and suggestions are very welcome!thanks!


  1. thanks bro!Glad you like 'em! I'm going to try to make it better though..I'm not so through with this kit yet :)