Sunday, May 1, 2011

The best Gundam Hobby Shop!

Since I've been collecting Gundam for about 8 years now, I've been searching for a "One-stop shop" where I can get all the things I need for this Hobby. I've been looking around in Manila and also been buying from contacts here because, as all of us in the hobby would admit, kits are pricey. A number of people I know also need materials or tools that are not readily available here or if it is, again, it won't come in cheap. I've been reading a couple of blogs recently and noted that there's this one place in Singapore where everything about Gundam can be found, this is Hobby Art Gallery. I've been to Japan before, no doubt they've got a great selection there, but the airfare won't come cheap too. So I really recommend modelers with contacts or relatives in Singapore to get kits there.

This is Ed Teo of Hobby Art Gallery, he is a great guy who knows his wares! Unlike other sellers who just sell, he can tell you stuff about the kit, paint and detailing tools you can get to make the most out of your kit. 

The inside of his shop in Sunshine plaza (though i wasn't able to take pictures due to overwhelming excitement) was full of GUNDAM each corner and shelved were lined with glorious boxes of new and old kits, also modeling tools and accessories not available in the Philippines. Kit prices here are also comparable to HobbyLinkJapan, making it a great store to buy gundams.

I'd probably be returning to Singapore to get kits in HAG when I can get a seat sale. For now, I've got a couple of kits to sell. Just check my sulit account. The name is "gunPLAboy". Again, thanks for reading and enjoy the hobby!

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