Friday, May 6, 2011

WIP 2: Waist, Legs and some shoulders

Hey guys! I'm just filling you in the parts I have done. Well, you could see that I've been kit bashing and technically trimming and adding parts I see fit. I wanted the Tallegeese to have the same features while adding touches of my own.

If you noticed, I scrapped the cylindrical "booster" found on the crotch of the Tallgeese, I wasn't really fond of it and maybe I could use it to pimp up the mega ray..hehehe..

So here's what I've managed to do:

I made a hole to make the "thigh guards" flashier at the same time inverted it so that it's bottom is now on top, that way keeping the whole Tallgeese feel but with a bit of a twist!

I am also keeping the arm guards of the God Gundam for now and I will modify it to become some sort of gauntlet where I can mount or support weapon which are too heavy or hard for the hands/wrist to support, the hinge of the guard only moves front and back making it stable, while the front portion rotates giving me more articulation and freedom in placing more weapos. Handy, right?

Back skirt is still the same

Shoulder was given more layering so that it would look like a guarding arm, I'm no sure if I want to make its weapon a lance or a very big rapier, but I want an oversized defensive left arm and a normal sized right arm with a very big bladed weapon and I'd still keep the mega ray in place, will modify it later to make it look like an MG weapon.

If you noticed, I'm not putting the super big thrusters at the back yet because I plan to mount it on his back rather than on the shoulder because I feel that if you pose the kit in an action pose, the thruster will have an awkward position if the arms/shoulders are not balanced so I'm still finding a way to mount the thrusters at the same time, it would be out of the way and still movable/posable

'Til next time! Thanks for dropping by guys! 

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