Sunday, May 1, 2011

MG "Viper" ball project

So here's my weathering and battle damaged practice kit, An MG 1/100 Pod Ball ver. Ka. I really like its simple yet effective design wherein you can really do a lot to make it nice or if you aren't adventurous enough, the Out Of the Box (OOB) finish would look good as is.

I went with the racing stripe look because I think it would work well, also, I kinda saw a picture of a Char's Zaku ball in the Hobby Art Gallery in Singapore. I'm going to make a Char's Zaku ball and a green Zeon ball as well for a later diorama because I liked the overall feel of this kit, however, I'm going to use an HG 1/144 Ball set I recently got, kinda cute by the way. Hehe.

Battle damage was made by dabbing the hot soldering Iron tip in the most damage prone areas so it would look more realistic

I actually painted the Ball's inner frame bronze and silver, however, the internal armor's exposure isn't that evident.
Anyhow, enjoy the pictures below. Quite a fast build to practice weathering and battle damaging

Comments and suggestions are welcome to improve my technique. Thanks for dropping by!

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