Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Toy Photoshoot!!!

Hey there guys..it's been an awful long time due to the heavy schedule as a medical clerk..its currently my final week as a clerk before all the exams come pouring in..so..to ease my stress..i had a small toy photoshoot!!!

I haven't been able to build and paint lately and i've been focusing on GFFs and GFFMCs also other toylines given that they have a good take on RX-78 which is my all time favorite Gundam..I also have a new toy..my canon EOS M..i borrowed a 50mm 1.8 lens to do this photo shoot..i've been getting comments before that it would be great if i had a better camera..so here it is :)

I hope you guys like the pictures and hopefully i get the time to build and paint again :)

Enjoy the hobby!!!

These are all 1/100 GFFMCs..have a couple more of these at home..will add as soon as i can :)

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