Friday, March 29, 2013

Reviewing my old kits

Hey all! It's been quite a long while since I have built a kit..probably because of my medicine clerkship..however, i was able to develop my photography and by doing so..i could show my kits to other people without further they are :)

Most of you know that I collect mostly Rx-78s..well..that's coz they're AMAZING in my much things that we could do..can be simple and radical at the same for my first kit..the MG rx-78-2 ver. ka. i did a prototype rendition with a bit of a twist..also i wanted to give it a bit of wear since it's a "test" here he is :)

For this next one..a lightly modified armored rx-78-2..i call it the light armor gundam..with the v-fin colored yellow because during this time i bought a gffmc gundam "the origins" model and i loved the yellow fin..something out of the ordinary..

I hope you liked them :) til next post! enjoy the hobby :)

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