Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[FINISHED!] Forbidden Blue ver. Migs

After a very long time..my second commish work..HG 1/144 Forbidden Blue Gundam Ver. Migs! This is a commish work for my good friend Migs..it's actually his second time having a kit painted by me..so he told me to modify it to a forbidden blue because he has another one..

This is the Forbidden Blue from Seed MSV..it didn't come out in the animated series..but it had one helluva design and story..this suit is adapted for water..hence its name and color..torpedo launchers, a trident and (don't forget) the beam cannon is equipped in this suit..i used this suit in the PS2 game: Gundam: Never Ending Tomorrow..really a great game!without further ado..here it is!

Front view, separated

Back view separated

Only the "Crab" (hehehe..don't know what its called)
I attached the torpedo launchers to the shields via a magnet so they can easily turn and would not destroy the paint job..a "gimmick" hehehe

Top view (really looks like a crab!)
 Front view (Kingler!!!)

Here are some pictures of the completed kit..

 Here's the magnet..it has one on each side..
 you can swivel the torpedo launcher..really strong magnets from hobbymate!

END!!! Migs! hope you like this!


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