Thursday, October 6, 2011

update on HG 1/144 Forbidden Gundam ver. Migs

So here's an update of another super delayed build for a client..a Forbidden Blue Gundam from the Seed MSV..there are some modifications here like the torpedo launcher, rounding and extending of shields..changing of v-fin into a mono-fin, scythe to a trident and most of all..the color (not yet painted)

I've been delayed on my commission builds due to school work, different endeavors and slacking i got my mojo's a gundam rampage again!i've been doing kits here and there since my OtoRhinoLaryngology (ORL) department rotation..i guess i love the surgery aspect of it..that's why i want to build and modify are some other pics:

Front view..i really like the trident and will sharpen the tips more for a more menacing effect..also will sharpen and extend the prongs on the shields like the picture i downloaded..
 side view..the shaping of the shield proved to be the most tedious of all..i can't get it into the right shape!hehehe..and it's hard to smoothen and make them equal..
 noticed the discoloration?it's because i used pioneer for the base putty..tamiya quick drying for shaping and mr. hobby white putty for the finishing and smoothening..
 from an angled view..see the v-fin and the torpedo launchers mounted on the shield..
 there are rudders instead of boosters at the back..
 a better view of the back..

that's it for now guys..migs i hope you're time you see this guy..he'd be BLUE!

til next post!

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