Tuesday, October 4, 2011

1/48 Gundam the Origin bust from Kinko-chan

No..this is not the bust that I bought and snap built..this is a masterpiece from http://www.modelers-g.jp..the site said that this came from a modeler named Kinko-Chan..I found this while I was looking for a color scheme on how I would make the 1/48 bust I got from the Gundam Ace magazine..

This guy really knows how to make an RX-78-02 fan drool..the design is that of the manga..with the yellow v-fin and the reddish eyes..the decals are top notch and i don't believe I've seen those yet..it may be custom made or just used from another kit..but i love it!

I hope I can make the bust almost as good as this..makes me wanna improve my skills..it's these guys that inspire us to level up our playing field..superb job!

Here are some other pictures:

Again..excellent job to Kinko-chan!

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