Sunday, October 16, 2011

BKWC 2011 entry UPDATE: 1 out of 3 Gundams done!

hey there guys..i've been really busy with my entry that i wasn't able to post and notify about my MG Alex sadly got destroyed..the plastic was old and brittle so I had to think and use a different went with what was natural for MG RX-78! the plan goes..2 MG rx-78-2s; one ver. ka (real type) and one ver. OYW (modified to look like a Light Armor Gundam the origin).. and the last part is my MG Ball..i love this little dude..

Anyway..I'll be making a White base diorama..with the help of my brod, Bram Cruz..a multi-awarded cosplayer here in the Philippines..So..without further ado.. here's my real type rx-78-2 ver. ka..ENJOY!!!

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