Friday, June 17, 2011

Thoughts for my BAKUC entry..

It's the start of another academic year. As a modeler for the past years, I've been eyeing to be at least in the top ten in this year's BAKUC, however, being a third year medical student, I really don't know my chances of even finishing my kit. But, I've already started on my kit and I guess it will be a surprise 'til the glorious BAKUC day! Hehehe..

I've got some mixed emotions regarding the kit I am going to use, this is because of the kit I chose, which is in itself, already good. I am talking about the MG Blue Frame Astray 2ndR. It is a beautiful kit with great articulation and design. This makes it a great OOTB kit, but leaves a lot of modifications out of the picture. Unlike using bulkier and simpler kits which you can practically mod with little effort. However, this is quite an interesting and very challenging build.

My concept is a Liger/Gundam build which converts my blue frame into a schneider unit. I won't be using zoids parts, only the theme and concept. I really love the blades sticking out of the body, and as the Blue Frame is quite slim and sexy, added bulk is a very welcome modification. I may show bits and pieces here, hehehe, we'll see.

to the BAKUC modelers here..I am excited as all you guys are..Let's show every one what we Pinoy Gundam  modelers are made of! See you guys soon!

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