Saturday, July 9, 2011

Primed and quite happy..

Hey guys..despite the weather and toxicities of med school..I was still able to push my luck with priming my kit..I really don't have a name for it yet..but, i guess it will here's what I have for now..enjoy!

as you can see from the's a mix of the 1/100 NG Astray blue frame 2ndL, some koto parts and pla plated fins which give it a Blue frame ver. 2.5 because the ver 3 has super big blades without the tactical arms..i plan to get a good painting scheme for this because..i must scratchbuilding is not as good as most of the builders in the gunpla community..just check out the pics..i'm gonna sand the imperfections i've seen before priming again as i've seen some irregularities after priming..I just hope for clear that painting would be easier..

here are the other pictures:

I hope to use this Wurger's color scheme if ever..we'll see when we get there..for now..more touch ups to do!and STUDYING T_T..

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