Monday, August 29, 2011

GFF Fever!

Hey guys! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve blogged here..Med school is eating me up..but that doesn’t mean I can’t spend time with my’s quite detoxifying if you ask me..I kinda lack time so now I’m kinda having thoughts if I am still going to use my customized mg blue frame (which is far from finished) or my originally intended BAKUC kit which is the MG Alex with the MG titans rx-178..I guess I’m going with the Alex coz I think I could tweak it more, given that it is a “boxy” old Amir told me one time..It’s hard to make a great kit greater..and the form of the Astray leaves only a bit of modification..oh well..that’s another story..Onto the main course..Gundam Fix Figurations!!!

I used to tell myself that Gundams which aren’t built from box to display aren’t Gundams at all, given that all my gundams are snap-built..however, recently, one kit caught my attention, this was the “Red Warrior” which was Char Aznable’s take on the RX-78-2 (which is my fave Gundam of all time!)..after buying it and finding that it was really nice..I set out on getting another GFF that i really liked..this was the “Deep Striker”, i liked this since it resembled the Zeta-A1, which is my first MG kit which i really loved..then here it is!though I am now 8k poorer..i think it was worth the can also transform into; S-Gundam, Ex-S Gundam, the  Ex-S with boosters and (as seen here) the Deep Striker..quite a big box..and i want to show you it’s different appearances but i’m afraid to scratch the luck..hehehe..

Anyway, here are some pics:
GFF # 0040 Gundam / Red Warrior

Really love this! This comes with the standard Rx-78-2 armor (in Char's colors) with lotsa armaments and 3 different heads! (sorry for the poor quality of the pictures)

GFF # 0013 Plan 303E Deep Striker

This is one HUGE kit!eats so much shelf space..bye Med books!i'd rather have this baby staring at me than my books!hehe..relieves stress..

anyway..bye for now!hope to post more in the coming days!enjoy the hobby!


  1. The Deep Striker looks like it can blow up a military base by itself! XD

  2. hehehe..right you are bro!wanted to pose it as the 'hummingbird' but figured out he looks more menacing as the 'deep striker' hehehe