Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Double Team

Sorry it took so long..my camera got busted for a long time so i wasnt able to get good pics for my entry last BKWC..anyway..here it is..this is my dio entitled double team..

This is composed of an rx-78-2 ver. Ka which was just a straight build but in real type colors and a ver.OYW which i modified so it would kinda look like a close combat light armored suit..i wanted to make it like this coz all the rx armors now are very bulky with firepower in mind..this focuses on mobility and close combat which was really the design for the Gundam.. Remember that in series..guntank is far, guncannon is mid and gundam is close..so i guess this is just right..anyway..i enjoyed modding this kit and look forward to more modding in the future..next build is my PG RX-78-2 Red Warrior..so watch out for that! Enjoy!

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