Tuesday, January 24, 2012

SD FA RX-78-2 ver. Ka (blue)

Well..this isnt really the katoki version..but i copied the GFF limited blue version designed by katoki..the original color of this is green..as in olive green all over with a tad of orange and other runners are white..quite plain really..but the real dedign had that color scheme..i just found it a bit too boring..

I got the idea from my weekly toy getaways to GTO taft..saw this bluee FA designed by katoki and i told myself..im gonna make my SD kit like this coz i dont have an MG FA RX-78-2 yet..kinda planning to get the resin conversion kit because im not so crazy about the base kit of the MG FA which is the rx78-2 ver2.0..

So enough with the talking..here it is! Enjoy!

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