Monday, January 23, 2012

New additions to my RX-78-2 collection

Hey guys! My collection is slowly shaping up..currently i have 2 PGs, 2 MG OYWs, 2 MG ver2.0 (mechanical clear bandai proshop and mechanical smoke clear version), 1 MG 10th anniversary, 1 MG ver. Ka, 1 MG Shin Musha, 2 RG rx78-2, 1 HG 1/144 g30th, 1 HG Limited edition gold g30th, 1 HG Full armor 7th, 1 HG Forever Gundam, 1 SD Full armor gundam, 1 SD perfect gundam, 1 1/100 GFF Gundam the origins metal composite,1 GFF Red Warrior, and 1 GFF Perfect Gundam!!! Woohoo! Can't wait for my free time so I could take pictures of my completed kits..for now..i'll just have to wait and look at their boxes..

Here are pics of my most recent hauls..enjoy!

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