Monday, January 16, 2012


Its been too long since ive posted obstetrics and gynecology duty is killing me..however..i got great news!ive just received a PG RX78-2 from my aunt from have 2! Hurrah! I can now unveil my new project.. The "red warrior" this has been my favorite RX variant for 2 years and i really am looking forward to making this happen..i will be putting all my other builds on standby or just put them on minimal priority because i am kinda scared of messing up a PG.. Hope this goes well..

Another reason to celebrate is that the MG Heavy arms will go out soon and ive seen the box art of the MG Tallgeese 3.. These are my faves Wing and the NG Heavy arms was also my first Gundam kit way back 1996.. YEAH!!!

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